Who we are

Nic and Maria Mudie . A veritable paradigm demonstrating  the triumph of experience over hope; we’ve been married for  nigh on 40 years and it don’t seem a day too long as the song goes.

After 35 years in Stockwell we moved out here for good in 2000 having more or less done the place up after the earthquake in 1997. When we say ‘we’, we mean it. Apart from the external walls and the roof which Nic set out with Domenico, our builder mate, we’ve done the lot. Floors, doors, windows, bathrooms, bogs  – all, as that man used to say, in the best possible taste. Maria has done the planting and garden care whilst Nic did the landscaping and terracing. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a digger driver you can come and have a go. As an actof charity Nic teaches at the economics department of Ancona university, I say ‘charity’ because derisory best describes the  pay. He still looks behind him when addressed as Professore.

We’re semi-civilised coves in the sense that crosswords, architecture, archaeology, proper music, current affairs, economics, Sudoku, skiing, swimming, food, conversation  and – on a not over discriminatory –  basis wine, are what we do; as our kids say. 

Most who come here are serial suckers for punishment – they come back and they’re not even angry. Maybe it’s the food or possibly the view or the fact that the price of the elixir of life is such that your liver runs out before your wallet.


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